My name is Alan, work wise I come from a background of 30+ years at senior management levels in investment banking up in the city. I have held a private pilots licence for the past 20 years which was a life long dream for me to achieve. Sports wise, I have always been a keen sportsman in rugby, canoeing, running, cycling and for the past 7 years, took up the sport of Obstacle Course racing and have been lucky enough to have qualified and participated at 4 world championships representing Team Uk around the world and am also part of the top OCR Team in the UK 'Nuclear Phoenix OCR Team'.

Most recently over the past year I trained & qualified to join HM Coastguard Rescue Team at Southend serving my local community where I now, in addition, also oversee the stations media posts and station promotions. Lately having been seconded on ambulance duties helping the NHS as a CFR (Community First Responder). My love of paddle boarding and all recreation activities on the water was reenergised from joining HM Coastguard Southend team where I met an incredible bunch of similar minded individuals who also just so happened to run a recreation club 'Blue Therapy'!

So I look forward to meeting and helping blue Therapy club members and community paddlers whether that's on the water, on land or at socials and helping members contribute to a lifestyle of health & fitness as part of your 'Blue Crew'.

Representing the UK
With the Red Voyager
Southend CRT
Alan on the trails
Alan up, up and away...
Snow stopping him!
Time for a pose and a smile