Sarah Gilbey the beach lover, sea worshipping, water baby!

Since a young age Sarah has appreciated the beauty of the dazzling blue sea and fine sandy beaches, dreaming she was the little mermaid. Always on a quest to find the most beautiful beach. She can give you some great recommendations down in Cornwall! 

In 2019 Sarah started her water sports adventure by enjoying Kayaking. Until one day on Facebook she was inspired by a couple of friends who had tried Standup Paddle-boarding, they pointed her in the direction of Blue Therapy! Upon meeting Sarah and Del they helped her celebrate her Divorce with a Trashing of the dress. 

Since then Sarah has purchased her own board and hasn’t looked back. She is grateful that through the Blue therapy community she has met amazing new friends. “Without Blue Therapy I never would have met some of the nicest and loveliest people I know! And I am so thankful to call them my friends.

I have suffered depression for many years now, however since starting SUP and meeting everyone I have been on a great and steady level. That in its self is and has bee a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.” 

Sarah is best described as creative and infinitely capable, trying to stay up to date with social media and latest trends. For this purpose she is part of our design team, responsible for designing and creating our Merchandise. If you need something unique made, she will help you to the best of her ability.

Trash the Dress
Relaxing at Sunset
Enjoying the Estuary
Family Beach Time
Sup Buddy