I am based in Southend on Sea and am often found paddling around Thorpe Bay, Leigh on Sea and Two tree island. I have always been a water baby but started my real love for Sup in the spring of 2020 after some 1:1 lessons. Very quickly I caught the bug for it and bought my own Sup, a Red Ride 10'6". I struggled with my mental health during lockdowns while at the same time being a working Mum, so taking that step into the "Blue Therapy Community' gave me the much needed "me time" I craved, and I felt myself again. It really is the best therapy out there on the water, and I can't wait to share this experience with people new to the sport, to help them and find the same passion for Sup as I have.


By day I am an Insurance Broker (London/Home Worker) and the mother to two beautiful young daughters. In the summer time they love to join me for a ride on the board, kids are always welcome on social paddles. I am also the team artist/designer and for some fun this year painted some pebbles featuring Blue Therapy that have been hidden along the shore line for others to find and keep, or hide again for anyone else to discover, post a picture of and tag themselves.


I have been a member of Blue Therapy Active since the summer of 2020 and have participated in numerous trips/socials/workshops and virtual challenges. I am not a fair weather paddler, I will head out in the rain, snow or frost. BTA host a very thorough workshop to allow us to assess the best conditions for paddling, including winds and tides etc We can also recommend some great apps that prove so useful.

The reasons why I love Blue therapy active Community so much are:-

*Easy to make new and welcoming friends in a relaxed and beautiful environment. The community are like family and you feel like you have known them year's instead of months/weeks.

*Everyone is accepting, kind and diverse, with no judgement on on age, size, fitness or ability, we leave no-one behind.

*There is always someone on hand to ask for advice.

*Safety is paramount and nearly always a member is there, for you to go with to avoid going out alone.

*Everyone is patient, understanding and encouraging.

*It helps to lift your mood, relieve stress and improve your mental health.

*Makes you fitter, happier and healthier.

Making the most of our beautiful coast right on your doorstep.

*Creating wonderful memories.

On the Beach