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Your journey continues.....The Paddle Discover Award is your next step in the pathway and follows on from the Paddle Start Award. This award develops your decision making with practical skills to provide a fun and safe time on the water. This will help you as an individual become a more proficient and independent paddler. Watching others that may be paddling with you and considering how you might do things differently are a factor.

Getting Ready

Providing you as an individual with choice and opportunities to explore different options. We look ahead at the forecast and discuss how this may shape your decisions on the clothing we choose, and factor in for any eventualities. 

We will explore what other equipment we should consider including safety/comfort/food and drink, where and how this we bill stowed, how to carry the extra kit and what should be in reach for effective handling.

At the Location

Here we help provide examples of how to consider an appropriate location for your paddle along with useful information. Forward planning with wind/direction/outlook and any potential changes. Types of water including flow/levels/exposure to wind and it's effects on your paddle, access and egress points with any portages. Parking/pre agreed access agreements/local by-laws/licenses and parking or shuttle runs are covered. Varied safe lifting techniques, terrain considerations while safe and appropriate methods of moving your board and getting afloat.

On the Water

Together we explore the key skills to achieve control including staying relaxed and improved handling of your board. Development of an understanding of other water users and the importance of shared access. Experiment and discuss balance and stability, paddle skills development is furthered throughout the journey while using different locations to practice getting in and out from. Appropriate positioning on the board to maximise comfort, paddle strokes/steering are explored further in a range of surroundings. Board familiarisation and response with any changes to the way it handles and responds. Self rescue/peer rescues/peer rescues with support along side back to shore/bank skills including towing/pushing/shoving/nudging.

After the Session & Future Development

Encouragement and praise follow with evaluations as to how to continually develop yourself, the choices and options you make, your decision making abilities to ensure you work towards paddle independence. Further skills and drills to enhance this development are given including the Paddle Explore Award or discipline specific awards. Congratulations and celebrations conclude the session with your Paddle Discover Award and explanation of how the award is added to your GoPaddling profile on the British Canoeing Website.

This course is delivered as a full day, and runs all year round weather permitting. We recommend appropriate clothing suitable for the conditions of the day.


Course Fee £85. British Canoeing Certificated Award.

Maximum of 6 people per course.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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