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Maurice (Mo) has been paddling for 4 years and has enjoyed both offshore paddling in the sea and sheltered inshore on rivers. Most of all he enjoys early morning Sup mediation which he describes as a perfect way to start the day, a kinda micro-adventure at sunrise. 

In 2019 Maurice was selected to champion the O'Neil brand and set up his own paddle Boarding 1:2:1 meditation & sup lessons, during 2020 he played an active roll as a saftey marshal on Blue Therapy SUPsocials and weekends away and was soon recuited to join the Blue Therapy team. 

He currently rides 2x Red Paddle Co boards. An 11' Compact and a 10'7 Wind with the addition of a Duotone Unit Wing. He is one of the first to WingSup in the area. In 2020 he is hoping to add cross craft skills for both WindSup & WingSup. He is always one to try something new. 

Maurice is also a walkng for heath leader for Blue and is hoping to dedicate time in to community groups to get out on active walks along our many coast paths. Mo has also recently qualified as a Mental Health First Aider with MHFA England, a valuable skill to be able to call upon should the need arise.

Along with some of the other key members of the Blue Therapy team he is also a current serving Rescue Officer with HM Coastguard where he has learnt vital lifesaving skills such as water rescue, search & rescue and first aid to a high level. Previously he served 5 years with Essex Police and is still a volunteer governor at a major NHS local hospital. 

Maurice is a professional nightclub and event DJ, Who has performed in venues across Europe, gaining Luminar DJ of the year & various Entertainment awards. He is also the Blue Therapy resident DJ, attending most sup Socials and Sup weekends away where the decks might come out and everyone can get up and have a *dance. 

Outside of all of that that he has a passion for Classic VW campervans his own being "Eleanor" a very distinctive 1970s bus that fits his laidback vibe. Who has several charity events rasing money for Sands,  Tommy's, Ronald McDonald House, Papyrus Teenage Suicide , Coppafeel Breast Cancer & Southend Peir & Heritage Museum. 

As you can see Maurice is passionate and likes to dedicate time to helping others in a fun , relaxed and easy way. 

*Dancing badly barefoot under the stars is optional ;-)

The Infamous 'Eleanor'
Beach Hut
Mo on different decks ;-)_
Good Vibes
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