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Operational Procedures

Blue Therapy Active operating procedures have been put in place by the to ensure that the club maintains a safe environment for all levels of participants, members and visitors.


Stand Up Paddle Board/ SOT Kayaking/Packrafting)

Definition and Scope of Activities:

The activities involved use marine equipment of various types to participant on inland/coastal water designated as rivers, lochs, estuaries or open sea. 

Locations are water based. Most activity on the water is accessed via jetties, slipways or riverbanks or from the shore. 

The major activities covered within this section are as follows: 

  • kayaking (sea and inland)

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding (sea and inland)

  • Packrafting (inland)



It is essential that the Standard Operating Procedures are followed and that personnel leading the group fully brief the group to pay attention to hazard warning information, remain in control of the activity and follow accredited tuition and activity progression. 

  • A safety briefing should be carried out by a Coach or Leader prior to all Club activity.

  • Buoyancy Aids must be worn whenever on the water or assisting from the bank.

  • The Club First Aid kit should be checked to ensure it complete and in good order every 6 months. If something is used from the kit it should be replaced immediately and an invoice for reimbursement presented to the Treasurer.

  • On Club lessons/trips a First Aid Kit should be carried by at least one of the Coaches/Leaders. 

  • Individual Club members are encouraged to carry their own personal First Aid Kits.

  • A phone or other method of communication should be available to a Coach or Leader of all Club trips or sessions.

  • At Club coaching sessions the Club will operate at a ratio of 8 to 1 Coach, this ratio may be varied with the support of experienced paddlers and an assessment of the prevailing conditions.

  • Individual members are responsible for checking their own personal equipment and equipment borrowed from the Club before use, problems to be reported to the Coach in charge of the activity 

  • Club equipment is subject to a twice yearly audit and safety / operation check and replaced or repaired if found to be faulty

  • Any accident or injury sustained during Club related activity should be recorded in the book and reported to the Club Health and Safety Officer who will ensure that significant reports are also recorded into the British Canoeing online accident/injury reporting portal.



There are no seasonal constraints for paddle sports although they usually take place from April – end September. If paddlesports during the colder months is to take place additional control measures should be in place to protect clients from the additional risk of cold and hypothermia. Paddlesports with intermediate/ advanced participants can be more appropriate during the colder months because of ability. 




The tuition ratios are: - 


1 instructor to 8 participants (very sheltered/Inland water)
1 instructor to 6 participants (moderate water/sea) 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

1 instructor to 8 (very sheltered/inland water)

1 instructor to 6 (moderate water/sea)


Participants requiring increased leader supervision or possessing certain disabilities may require additional staffing or reduced participant ratios. 

A second adult should be present at the group location with participants under 16 years of age. 


Club Activities

All Club activities are to be run in accordance with the club constitution, club policies and within British Canoeing policies and guidance notes as sanctioned by the committee.

  • All participant club members will complete a medical form and be required to update this annually or when circumstances change, records will be kept.

  • All participants shall have the ability to swim sufficiently so as not to put themselves or others at risk. 

  • Appropriate clothing for the activity and for the conditions is to be worn.


Club Social Paddles

Safety is paramount, all equipment is to be checked by the coach prior to going on the water.  No paddler is to go on the water unsupervised by a coach. All social paddles will be within the appropriate British Canoeing’s paddler to coach ratios. 



Document Prepared/Authorised by                           Sarah-Jane Coombes – Club Chair


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