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I got into fitness at the age of 18 and I started going to the gym, I wanted to improve my fitness to help my Snowboarding and Surfing. 
I spent most of my time when I was growing up in Cornwall Surfing or Snowboarding with my friends and still now love to Surf and Snowboard whenever I can. 
My love for water brought me to Kite Surfing about 10 years ago and I’m regularly at the beach when it’s windy, and on the calm days I’ll be out Paddle Boarding. 
If I can’t find waves or wind i will be on my Mountain Bike flying around the woods or at the parks throwing myself around.

When I’m not out doing all the extreme sports, I’m with my wife, daughter our two horses and two dogs, I own and run my company JPI Plastering and Maintenance from Leigh on Sea where I’ve lived most of my life.
I was lucky enough to join the Coast Guard team back in August 2020 where I met Sarah,Del and other Blue Therapy team members.

As my passion is for MTB Mountain Biking I am currently working towards an MTB award and look forward to helping others enjoy this wonderful sport.

Kitesurfing is a passion.jpeg
Dad & daughter ride out
Hitting the wind
The horse whisper.jpeg
Coastguard, 3rd passion
In Action
Loving Life
Taking Air
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