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Active Essex & Blue Therapy

Blue Therapy has teamed up with Active Essex and Essex County Council to bring you a series of cold water therapy workshops for women entitled ‘hot flushes’.

The workshops are aimed to encourage people to experience and enjoy the benefits that cold water therapy bring, including the physical and mental aspects.

The workshops are free to attend and will feature breathing exercises, meditation and focus skills, stretching, theory and safe practices and protocols and cold water immersion.

The workshops will run for 12 weeks and details and times of the workshop along with how to book on will be available via the website and our Facebook Blue Therapy Swim group.

Sarah-Jane co founder and owner will be leading the workshops with her partner providing some of the skills and practices throughout.

Please get in touch with us through the website if you have any questions about the workshop, and we look forward to you finding your active and seeing you on the day.

Thank you to Active Essex & Essex County Council for their support with this and providing us with the opportunity to help others.

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