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Award Winner!!!

Friday the 11th of November at the Civic Centre in Southend was an evening for the Southend City Active Awards, and brought a whole host of people together from the community, each involved in a different aspect in celebrating and honouring their contribution to the people of Southend.

Sarah-Jane Coombes our co-founder of Blue Therapy Active was one of the many invitees attending after being nominated by those she has has helped in numerous way's for the activities that Blue Therapy offer. This evening she had been put forward for the Unsung Hero Award.

The Deputy Mayor was on hand to present the awards and what a wonderful evening it was as Sarah met and spoke to so many lovely people throughout the night. Listening to their stories and how they have all helped so many other's a delight. Sarah was truly honoured and humbled to be among so many deserved entrants.

Introductions began with the compare for the evening introducing those from each category and what they had contributed leading to their nomination. Runners up were announced first before the winners headed to the front to receive a certificate and trophy from the mayor and a round of applause from the room.

In total shock when Sarah heard her name called out as the winner of her category and more than in awe of her strong competition she mad her way up to collect the award. A little lost for words and thankful of not having to make a speech, Sarah shook hands with the mayor whilst donning a very big smile on her face.

Needless to say a huge thank you goes out to everyone for their nominations and for voting for Sarah, her's and all the Blue Therapy Active team are so very grateful for this and we feel the award is not just for Sarah but for all who help out behind the scenes, and especially to all those a part of our community who make memories like this special and worth all the work.

We would like to congratulate all those who not only won but were also nominated and thank you for sharing such an amazing evening with Sarah. In our eyes you are all winners and keep doing what you are doing for our fantastic city. We look forward to hopefully seeing you all at the awards next year.

Also thank you to the all those involved in the preparation for the evening and on the night for making us all feel so special. Active Southend you are brilliant and we hope to continue our good work in the community and take it to new heights in the New Year.

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