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Blue Therapy Botany Bay Adventure

Sunday the 15th of January was our first BTA Adventure day out to Botany Bay in Kent, and wow what an amazing day it was to be.

Mother Nature was extremely kind to all that came along, providing us with sunshine and blue skies with the occasional white fluffy clouds.

The not too early a start fuelled with coffee for the drive down to meet at one of the local car parks atop of the cliffs for a quick briefing of the day's itinerary.

A walk along the cliff top to the Botany Bay hotel and meet with others from the group for a quick pit stop before heading down to the beach for our first activity.

A walk along the beach to exploring the coves to kings gate bay where we then ascended the steps to view the castle before heading to Joss Bay.

Joss Bay has a stunning sandy beach with no shells, we new we had found our perfect location to dip, also confirmed after talking with some of the local swimmers and dippers.

We headed back along the shoreline to retrieve our cars and bring them close to Joss Bay to enjoy a spotbif light lunch and refreshments before our afternoon plunge.

Kings Gate Bay offers some amazing scenery to enjoy while walking across the beautiful sand taking in what this section of the Viking Trail has to offer.

The white cliffs and chalk stacks look stunning and are a perfect backdrop for those all important photographs, capturing memories of a wonderful time spent in great company.

Plenty of time to check out the rock pools and walk among the chalk stacks, cameras a plenty and selfies galore as it was too beautiful to not take advantage of.

Following our light lunch it was time to head to the beach again and enter the North Sea to enjoy some fantastic rolling waves and cool 8 degree water.

With the sun on our faces in such a picturesque place we could have been absolutely anywhere.

The view from the water looking back to shore was a truly inspiring sight as played around in the waves laughing and singing.

Our day adventure had sadly come to an end as we made our way back to our cars to change and warm up before the return journey home.

Needless to say we shall definitely be paying a visit to here again in the not too distant future and perhaps enjoy some time on the water as well with our sups and kayaks.

Thank you to all that came to make the day such a special and fun filled memorable one. To the locals we chatted to while there who gave us so much information and so polite and friendly, we thank you 🙏

Look out for more adventure days in 2023 with Blue Therapy Active by keeping an eye on our website and social media for full details of upcoming ventures including our Wales trip in May.

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1 Comment

Sally Kelly
Sally Kelly
Jan 16, 2023

Thank you for a fantastic day with fantastic people 💙

This was so good for our mental, physical and emotional health and I’m sooooo looking forward to our return trip with The Blue Crew 🌊

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