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British Canoeing Featuring Sarah-Jane Coombes

While taking lunch my phone pinged with a message via our website, a feature we find so useful for communicating with people wanting answers to a wide variety of questions. On this particular day was a gentleman by the name of Simon Badman, on behalf of British Canoeing.

Firstly Simon was quite taken by the immediate response he received from me, something we pride ourselves on. The website has a chat now button, we prefer when possible to respond straight away to anyone who gets in touch. This is we feel far better than the standard email stating we will get back to you.

So in a Essex voice ‘OMG! they want to talk to me? No way!’ To no-one as I was still in my home office. So trying to curb my excitement I messaged back straight away of what I thought was a calm adult message, instead of the 5 year old inside going wahoooo!

Following research across the UK Simon had chosen Blue Therapy and the success we had throughout the past year and lockdown. He wanted an interview via zoom to talk about how we had achieved this and what social media platforms had helped. Well this for me was an easy question, as we listened, added and adapted to the ever changing lockdowns and rules. We felt we had all of the areas covered and could provide some help and insights.

We arranged a date and time for the interview and from that moment on my nervousness just grew and grew in anticipation of the day. Finally the time came and my mouth was so dry, despite having conducted live interviews for television and radio previously.

Following our talk Simon had stated how he had felt so inspired and uplifted by our meeting. To say I felt humbled was an understatement as here was I talking about helping our community which would in turn I hope would help other clubs across the UK who were struggling with the return following an unprecedented time.

The above link will take you to the website where you can read a little about all the webinars being featured, including the one with Sarah from Blue Therapy Active, and you can watch the live event again at a time of your choosing.

Watching myself and the zoom interview was quite surreal and I managed to leave out from our conversation my signature ‘absolutely’ quite to my disappointment lol

I hope you enjoy the event and highly recommend the others, that are all inspiring in their own ways. I also hope that what I had to say will be of some help to others and that they take something away of use to them.

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