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Filming with Active Essex

Towards the end of 2022 Blue Therapy Active in conjunction with Active Essex put on a ten week workshop for cold water therapy and dipping in the Thames Estuary.

The project was funded by Active Essex and allowed us to provide Dryrobes, SwimSecure tow floats, thermal hats, an event shelter and more for those participating in the free event across any and all sessions.

With a short break due to pollution the sessions continued for what was to be not just an extra couple of weeks but through to New Years Day and the RNLI charity di, an event that brought many of the group together again.

Since then the dipping sessions have continued on a weekly basis and is seeing so many dippers experiencing such positive results it has led to extra fortnightly sessions being added along with a monthly night time full moon dip.

Active Essex sent along a film crew in early 2022 to capture one of our amazing dip sessions and speak to some of the participants to learn all about the positive effects they have felt from CWT and what draws them to the group time and time again.

Interviews with co owners of Blue Therapy Active and some of the dippers followed with snippets shown in the video below. Hearing some of the stories and seeing the results from everyone was truly moving and inspiring.

We would like to thank Active Essex for all their support with the project and the funding which has been put to such good use and been a welcome benefit to those that have taken part and continue to join us.

We would also like to thank each and every person who has ventured to join us for all your help and support in making these sessions so specia, not only for us but for everyone else, you really are truly amazing.

If you would like to come along and join us for a dip and learn all about the safety and protocols around cold water immersion and it’s benefits, what kit and clothing you need and more, check out our activities for dates and times and grab yourself a FREE ticket.

NB; Look out for our NEW and FREE Cold Water Therapy Workshop commencing in March at a new and exciting location in Essex ;)

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