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MHFA England

Ever inspired to put those within the community first, Blue Therapy Active founders and owners Sarah-Jane Coombes & Del Christie along with team member Maurice Moet, underwent a two day training to become Mental Health First Aiders.

Together they attended the course which was split over two days, a week apart, with plenty of homework for the three of them to do in between. An exceptional and well delivered course that they all learnt and took so much from.

For the team adding this important skill to compliment the physical first aid skills they already possess was paramount to ensuring they are there for anyone within the community looking for someone to listen and offer support.

Proud to have achieved their certification with Mental Health First Aid England, they now hope to be there for others, wether out on one of the activities or just a message away. Looking after yourselves mentally and physically should always take precedence, and they wanted to know that there is someone there to reach out to for help.

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Unknown member
Oct 21, 2021

We’ll done guys.

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