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Our Friends FreakFlops

Earlier this summer at our later than planned Paddle Christmas Doo we had the opportunity to host a summer special with the amazing FreakFlops, on the beach with blue skies and sunshine in what can only be described as an Aussie style Christmas.

FreakFlops offer an array of beautiful hand made products from Costa Rica by owners Mariano and Danni and brought here to the UK by the wonderfully friendly Louise & Chrissy. We were lucky enough to have them both join us at the beach to show off their products, and wow they are incredible.

A fun filled day spent with such lovely ladies and members of the community, with plenty of giggles and splashes had by all. Sarah along with others couldn’t resist investing in some flops among other items as they were just so comfortable, fabulous colours and brilliant designs.

Go check out their website to read the story around how it all started, scroll through a spoilt for choice vast array of handmade products, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to everyone for joining us for a memorable day, special thanks to Louise & Chrissy, and to Mariano and Danni, we look forward to seeing more of your stunning work.

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