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Paddle Boarding With A World Champ!

Casper Steinfath 5x World Champion

To many people outside the world of paddle boarding Casper Steinfath is a relative unknown. However to those within the world of SUP he is like a god, someone to aspire to and someone we deeply respect.


Arriving in swanage for the N1SCO Championships we were greeted with the news that Casper would be joining us for the two day event. To say that left an element of excitement among us would be an understatement. Having the 4 x World Sup Champion there to cheer you on while racing was inspiring. The fact he joined us on the water throughout was beyond believable, and yet there he was.

During day one of the races Casper was on hand to share tips and pointers with everyone, provide support and motivate all that took part, especially the kids. His humble demeanor and laid back nature was a pleasure to endure and you couldn't but help be in awe of his skill, sharing the water with him was a privilege.

Following a great first day on the water competing, it was now time to kick back and enjoy some much needed rest, time for food and drinks with friends and fellow competitors. Being part of N1SCO is very much like being part of a community, like having an extended family that get together periodically over the course of the year. Alex Tobutt the man behind N1SCO and all this had a very special treat in store for us this evening.

We were to be treated with a Q&A session with Casper, providing us with the opportunity to delve inside his mind, something to which we took full advantage of. Sitting around in deckchairs listening to Casper impart his knowledge on us while answering questions of various sorts, all while tucking into fish & chips, a must when by the beach.

This proved to be a very enlightening experience as Casper had not long completed his viking crossing. He openly shared some amazing insights and stories about the journey which left us all so looking forward to the movies upcoming release.

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