Planet Patrol - Get Involved

Here at Blue Therapy Active we are very conscious about keeping the area we live and use for our various activities, and on a day to day basis, clean and tidy. Ensuring we keep it litter free is playing our part in ‘leave no trace’.

For this we have teamed up with ‘Planet Patrol’ to provide regular organised clean ups. This is something we have implemented with our team to do following each lesson, social, and when out with friends or family.

Planet Patrol and founder Lizzie Carr aka Lizzie Outside began the challenge to eliminate our future of single-use materials and pollution. With such a great ambassador we chose to join her challenge.

We are currently planning this years litter clean ups and will be very shortly posting how you can get involved and join in on one of the days. Till then you can always download their app and have a read about their story and more.

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