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So long 2020....

So Covid-19 has now been around for a year, we have had lockdowns, weekly clapping for the NHS, washing your hands and singing happy birthday twice, wearing masks and teirs. 2020 was hard for a lot of people being separated from family and loved ones to protect them and themselves. Gyms were closed and exercise was limited.

At the end of May, we were able to start teaching again 1-2-1, which for us was a very welcome to be able to get back out on the water again doing what we love most. Slowly as summer crept in the restrictions were eased and allowing groups of 6. For us at BTC became very busy teaching people to sup and more importantly escape.

Our Sup socials very quickly turned to Paddle Socials as everyone was welcome to join us on the water. It was overwhelming with the new friendships we had made and not realising how the social paddles saved a lot of peoples sanities, until those people pulled us to one side and said thank you.

Whats in store for 2021?

We have much more to come in 2021, Group lessons, Sup Experience's, P-Series, Workshops - online and on the water, Paddle adventures to just mention a few!

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