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Team Training for the APP Nautical Mile

August this year will see the APP Sup World Tour in London, and among the many things taking place will be the Nautical Mile.

This is a 1.8km relay race consisting of teams of 6 from various communities across the financial and business districts.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie in the workplace with each team member paddling a 300m segment.

We were privileged and and honoured to be approached by The Lift Consultancy Company to assist in training their team.

With the event taking place in August our first training session took place at Two Tree Island with three amazing ladies.

The session began with a back to basics for some who were just trying paddle boarding for the first time.

Excited and a little apprehensive they were certainly game to garner some skills ahead of the big day.

Co-owner and founder Sarah took them through various skills and drills that will prove useful on the day.

Sarah is no stranger to races having competed in the Naish Inland Championships and at the Naish event at the APP previously.

With the land based development over it was time to head to the water and put their skills to test, time for giggles and splashes.

Following around an hour of water time and instruction from Sarah the ladies all did amazing, and were hooked.

Appetites had certainly been built and all that was left was the slightly tiring walk back to base with the boards.

With the second half of the team still to undergo their initial training, and a date pencilled in for team practice.

We look forward to spending some more time with them developing their race skills and watching them bring it all together.

We would like to say a special thanks to Mark & Gemma for opting to choose us to help with their training.

We Wish them luck and can’t wait to see you in action on the day!

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