The Lone Rider

Updated: May 16, 2021


Even The Lone Ranger even had his trusty partner in the form of Tonto, life is so much more fun with a paddle buddy, after all who else is gonna take those amazing sunset/sunrise photos for you.

Paddling alone can be a little boring, not to mention unsafe. Should you find yourself in difficulty, having someone there to help could prove invaluable.

Catching up and having a good ole natter, putting the world to rights can prove to be a godsend, not to mention escaping the humdrum of every day life, a little you time.

We have had so many of our community come together who started their journey as solo paddlists, only to end up forging or as part of a bubble with newly found friends who share your love of the water.

These people now have their own splinter groups and regularly meet up, on and off of the water. They go away for mini adventures together, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Aside from our social paddles we put people in touch with other new like minded individuals looking to head out with someone rather than alone, to ease any apprehension they may feel.

If you are someone new to the wonderful world that we know as Blue Therapy and would like us to help by putting you in touch with some of our groups or individuals, drop us a message, we would be only more than happy to help.

Join our new WhatsApp group for lone paddlers to touch base with others in the same boat 😉 so you never have to face going it alone, drop us a message and we will add you in.

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