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The Sunset Projects & Blue Therapy

July this year was to see Blue Therapy take part in an amazing evening of music, lights and great company as more than 70 paddlers across a range of craft took to the water as part of an upcoming video promotion from The Sunset Projects.

DJ Dan Gurner & PR Firm Manager Richard Ellegard were filming a scenic video to be shared on a top video website to showcase some of the best views from Southend. Hosted at the amazing TEYC (Thames Estuary Yacht Club) the evening was a huge success.

Paddle boarders and kayakers amid some various boats from the TEYC took to the water for a fun filled evening. Plenty of laughter and dancing on the boards to the sounds of DJ Dan with displays of yoga all as the sun set revealing the awesome lighting provided by IADWM that lit the venue and local boats.

We can’t thank all those involved in the evening enough for letting us be a part of such a great night. TEYC as hosts were incredible and the venue offers spectacular views of the estuary. We can’t wait to see the finished video and for teaser trailers check out The Sunset Projects on Facebook or YouTube.

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