The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

So bought all the gear and have a little idea? Struggling to know what’s the best time and conditions to head out onto the water! Or perhaps you need some help and guidance in a number of areas.

From kit to clothing, weather to tides, boards to paddles and more, you can join our new WhatsApp group for ‘Newddlers’ those to new to the wonderful world of paddling, looking for just such advice.

The group was created by you, for you, to point you in the right direction. Providing support to anyone who following a lesson or has self taught and are struggling somewhat and in need of answers.

While we always recommend a lesson or two to at least get in the basics, we realise that for some that may not be possible for any number of reasons, and who are we to question that or judge you.

The WhatsApp group aptly named ’Newddlers’ is free to join, all we need is your mobile number that you can drop over to us in a message or an email. That’s it, nice and simple, just fire away with your questions.

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