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'Tweed Ride' ForwardMotion Cycle Festival

ForwardMotion revived the Cycle Festival at Belfairs on Saturday the 25th of June and was to riders come together for a community cycle commencing from Southchurch Park, wearing their best tweed for an enjoyable and easy ride up to Belfairs Nature Reserve.

Blue Therapy Active Ride Leaders Del Christie & Paul Towler were proud to have been asked to join in and be a part of this great event, helping chaperone the cyclists from the start to the finish.

Upon arrival they were waved in with a chequered flag and to the sound of plenty of cheers and applause. A wonderful group of cyclists on a myriad of bicycles with many donning tweed togs to add to the theme of the ride.

Once there we were blown away by the The Active Travel Festival and range of activities on offer, including a pop up cycle track, live music, food and a wide range of stalls offering everything from kit and clothing to bike tagging and maintenance.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by everyone and one we will certainly be looking forward to next year. We would like to say a special thanks to ForwardMotion on behalf of Blue Therapy Active for allowing us to be part of the festival.

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