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A Little About Sarah


When I was furloughed I decided to use that unexpected free time to indulge in the things that left me feeling energised and revived, and that included paddleboarding.  Having previously completed a Ready to Ride SUP in 2019, I was considering buying my own board and after finding Blue Therapy I felt brave enough to go for it.  Del & Sarah added me to their WhatsApp groups so I could meet up with other paddleboarders on the sea or at the river, and I also started joining in on their workshops and their socials - paddling to the pier for fish and chips was a particularly fun one.  I've had a brilliant summer on the water and I hope to start my teaching qualification soon.


I also enjoy practicing yoga regularly.  I think when you spend a lot of time sitting in an office it's important to work your muscles, improve your flexibility and to clear your mind. I also find that yoga goes hand in hand with paddleboarding.  A good stretch on the beach before or at home the next morning definitely helps with aching arms and legs. I'm developing my skills and I plan to start a yoga teaching qualification soon.


Another lockdown project was creating my own website, I Revive, as a place to showcase my short stories, travel articles and pieces on wellness.  It may appeal to working people like me, who need reminding to take a little time for themselves, and to prioritise the activities that leave you feeling revived.  For me, thats paddleboarding, yoga, walking, my little garden, cooking, travelling, writing, reading, pink gin and lindt chocolate.  Not necessarily in that order.


You can find me at Sarah Taylor (@s.taylor789) • Instagram photos and videos and also at I Revive – I REVIVE  

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