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The beginning of your journey........The paddle start award aims to provide you with the knowledge to get on and off your sup, make it move and return to the start point. The emphasis is on ensuring you feel safe, confident and ready before progressing to the next award.

Clothing & Equipment

You will learn about clothing for how to keep you warm and dry, including appropriate footwear. Why you should wear a buoyancy aid and correct leash to ensure personal safety while following current guidelines. Anatomy of the paddle and sup including the differing options available. Posture and positioning on the board for the types of conditions you may be paddling in.

Getting on the Water

Safe and appropriate launch and landing procedures and protocols including getting your sup to the waters edge. Inflation and deflation with care and maintenance, lifting, terrain considerations, environment protection and damage limitations. Getting afloat incorporating balance and stability with safe boarding and disembarking skills.

On the Water

Ascertaining awareness of hazards and wildlife and code of conduct for the various waterways, buoys, navigational rights, currents, water flow weather and limitations to your ability. Exploration of simple methods of movement including turns, stopping the craft and an explorational short journey to showcase basic skills, receive top tips and enjoy the experience.

After the Session & Future Development

Feedback and Q&A, session round up along with what happens next and any considerations, Skill development and what to plan for next. Apps and how to use them to plan for your next journey. Further support options for your continuing paddle pathway. Congratulations and celebrations with the presentation of your Paddle Start Award along with an explanation of how the award is added to your GoPaddling profile on the British Canoeing Website.

This course is delivered as a half day, and runs all year round weather permitting. We recommend appropriate clothing suitable for the conditions of the day.


Course Fee £50. British Canoeing Certificated Award.

Maximum of 6 people per course. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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