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Bookings & Cancellation Policy

•    Payment is due at time of booking for sessions.

•    All bookings are final.  

•    Sessions can be transferred with more than 24 hours’ notice to another date.  

•    All bookings are subject to our Rescheduling, Weather and Cancellation Policy.  

•    Attendees can be substituted by the original booker/attendee with no notice.

•    No refunds will be given for missed lessons.

•    Latecomers (more than 10 minutes past the lesson start time) may be refused participation and no refund is due. 

•    Should circumstances/weather make teaching impossible then you will be offered 

the opportunity to rebook.

•    Refunds are not available to customers who start sessions and choose not to continue.




Customers are reminded that water sports participation involves an element of risk and all customers agree to partake in their chosen activity or activities with Blue Therapy Active at their own risk.


Participants should be in good health, confident in the water and fit for their chosen activities. By signing up to a session you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Any person suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and deemed to be unfit will be refused permission to take part in any activity and shall not be entitled to a refund.


All participants must wear leashes and suitable buoyancy aids while on the water.


You are required to notify Blue Therapy Active of any medical conditions that may impede your participation in activities. You should declare whether you suffer from EPILEPSY, ASTHMA, DIABETES, ANGINA or other HEART complaints as well as any contagious condition that may affect others such as Impetigo. If you or anyone associated with you is suffering from any of these or other conditions it does not necessarily restrict participation, but we may require further information before you are permitted to participate in activities with Blue Therapy Active. It is also imperative that we are made aware of any severe allergies, which may cause an anaphylactic reaction which may include nut allergies, insect bites or stings, or allergy to penicillin etc.


Blue Therapy Active will accept no liability for such injury, accident, damage or loss excepting liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence attributable to, and fault of, the owners and or operators.


Rescheduling, Weather & Cancellation Policy


As an outdoor activity provider that operates from April – October, we do continue to hold lessons in wet weather when it is safe to do so.  This policy outlines our weather, cancellation and rescheduling policy which is strictly enforced and forms a part of our standard booking agreement.



Blue Therapy Active Responsibilities


We monitor the weather daily to actively ensure that we can operate under safe conditions.  If the forecast is looking questionable we will take a final decision 24/12 hours before any session start time, based on the Met Office forecast and the following criteria:

•    Thunderstorms

•    Sewage Alert

•    High probability for heavy rain (eg 90% chance of heavy rain during the session time)

•    Constant wind speeds >14mph

•    Wind gusts > 20 mph



Where we deem it necessary to cancel a session, we will contact you by email and/or mobile to reschedule your session.  If you are not able to provide a date to reschedule, we will issue you a voucher, valid for 12 months, to rebook at another time.  Refunds may be requested but the default position is to reschedule all bookings.




Your Responsibilities

By booking a session with us online (including use of gift vouchers) or by paying for a booking through online invoice you are indicating you have read and accept these terms.




Rescheduling Period

We allow bookings to be rescheduled for any reason with 24 hour’s notice.  You can manage your booking by using your account profile to reschedule your booking to a different day.




Contacting us for rescheduling

If you need assistance rescheduling your booking please email us (rather than call) as we need the request in writing and we’re often able to make the necessary changes faster.




Any other cancellations

In the event of an enforced Government lockdown due to a pandemic on the date of your booking, Blue Therapy Active reserves the right to provide you with a voucher code for use of the services on another date for when the lockdown has been lifted and service can resume.

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