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It's All About You

Our journey began a little over three years ago with the inception of ‘Blue Therapy’ and how we could help others to experience it. At first stand up paddle boarding was our main focus. With the explosion of Sup came a flock of people wanting to try their hand at this new activity. For us it was the perfect opportunity and platform to share what we felt when out on the water. 

Summer that year was a short one for us while we set things up, then we entered into what would become unprecedented times and with this an impact on people’s lives and mindsets. Our community grew exponentially and so did the interactions between those now following us. We listened and turned our attention to social paddles, interactive meet ups, WhatsApp groups and more to offer support.

Our love for the sea wasn’t confined to just being on it with a paddle board. We enjoyed many activities in and around the water and we found so many others did too. Soon and by request we introduced other pastimes and so evolved into what we are today. Enjoying ourselves in, on or near the water's edge. Our extended family has helped mould us into what we are today.

Who knows what the future holds and where it will take us. For us we will continue to offer others a way to get outside, participate in bettering their health and well-being and have a little fun along the way. We look forward to meeting and forging new friendships, enjoy some giggles and splashes, and create some wonderful memories together to last a lifetime.

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