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British Canoeing Paddle Awards

We are a fully insured and certificated British Canoeing Affiliate Club and Delivery Partner that also carries the Quality Club Award stamp. Following a stringent curriculum we adhere to all the standards as set out by the Governing Body for the United Kingdom for all paddle sports. Each award attained will come with it a British Canoeing certificate of completion ensuring that we deliver a high level of instruction with your safety being of the utmost importance to us. With any session we aim to create a fun and inclusive way to learn and enjoy your time with us on the water. 

In our experience we consider the Paddle Safer Award to be the most important of all the awards and what we express is something every paddler should take in order to prevent requiring the emergency services from being called. Having the ability to rescue yourself or others should you or they find yourself in trouble is a priceless skill and could save yours or someone else's life. For those that have been paddling for some time the Discover Paddle Award will take your abilities to the next level, helping you to discover more about who you are and what you are capable of as you push those boundaries to become a better paddler.


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