Always wanted to try Sup for yourself having seen so many others out on the Essex waters. Come and enjoy one of the fastest growing outdoor activities to date.

We offer a wide variety of lessons to suit everyone. Take a look below and select which one best fits your needs.

Introductory Lessons - A 1 hour lesson perfect for those looking to garner a little knowledge and skill, time enough to fall in love with this great sport.

  Group Lessons - Our 1 and 2 hour lessons are for those looking at a little more water time. With time enough for skills and drills while enjoying some fun games aimed to enhance your ability.


  1:1 Lessons - Perhaps you would prefer the focus of the lesson to be about you. One of our instructors will help you improve on any aspects you may be struggling with.

    Improver You've got the basics under your belt... but want to better your skills? 

                          weather you want to learn how to deal with choppy water or want to take your skills to the step back                                                                         turn, then this is for you

1:2 Lessons - Share the instructor and the cost with a friend or family member. A great and cost effective way to enjoy the tuition benefits without the numbers.

Half Day Lessons - With only so much time to practice and take in all the skills and knowledge on the shorter lessons, our half day paddle lessons cover more to ensure a higher level of competency.

Full Day Lessons - All the vital key information and skills are delivered throughout our day lesson. Leaving you feeling confident to paddle here on the estuary.

Bespoke Lessons - Maybe you have your own ideas of what you would like for your lesson. We are happy to discuss and tailor something to suit your requirements. drop us a message and one of the team will give you an call.