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Venturing into the water at any time of year brings with it a whole host of mental and physical health benefits. Whatever body of water you choose to experience those benefits in, we can all agree that the soothing feeling that washes over us is like nothing else.


Wether you are jumping through the waves, floating on your back enjoying the sky above, dipping offers it all and more. We meet up weekly for a dip, always offering support and advice. 


Your safety to us is always paramount, so our sessions consist of a giant swim secure buoy to provide a visual presence coupled with smaller tow floats, what we consider our comfort pillow, for you to use for the duration of the session.


To help keep you warm we provide a Dryrobe, a thermal beanie to wear pre and post dip and a dedicated event shelter and changing pods, to ensure that a pleasurable experience is had by all.

As RNLI ambassadors we will also educate you on the 'Float to Live', distress signals and even the use of a whistle, should you find yourself in difficulty when out on your own or with a group.


As a 'Swim Secure' retailer we can suggest the best safety gear to take with you into the water. Clothing choices and what and how to prepare for your dip as well as acclimatisation between dips.


We have adventure night lights for when the sun has set and you want to still be seen. Of course we don't want you to have all the fun so we will be right there with you, in, on or near the water, so come take the plunge with us.

Dip Together
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