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Filming with Max Selwood

A cold windy Saturday morning in December with the outside temperature measuring 9 degrees and the SSW winds creating a real feel of 5 degrees. This morning was just another regular weekly dip with some of our cold water therapy community, only with a special guest joining us to brave the chilly 7 degree water and face slapping waves.

Max Selwood is somewhat of a sensation in his own right, a presenter, mental health advocate, film maker and creator, he has amassed quite a following across the various social media platforms such as X, TikTok and Instagram.

His reels have been avidly followed by so many including our own Blue Therapy Active founder Sarah-Jane. Today was such an honour and a pleasure to meet Max in person who had travelled down along with his friend and camera man James.

Following introductions James was straight behind the camera as Max and Sarah began chatting about what we at Blue Therapy do and why, along with some friendly banter in what to expect ahead of his venture into the cold water here at Thorpe Bay.

As some of our regular community dippers arrived and welcomed our guests it was time to brief them both on the safe aspects of CWT pre and post dip. Feeling somewhat intrepid albeit a little nervous it was time for Max to ready himself to brace the cold and enter the water.

Needless to say no amount of preparation really readies you for the sensation once the water embraces you. This is one of many factors that makes every dipping experience unique and quite addictive, leaving you wanting to return time and time again.

Despite everything telling you and questioning why when you looked out the window on a cold December morning, checked the forecast and current weather conditions, am I even contemplating embarking on such an activity. You have to have experienced it to fully appreciate and understand why we do it.

Safely ashore and adorning the provided dryrobe to warm himself, it was James turn to endure the cold with Max jumping behind the camera to capture the ordeal as Max braved the elements.

A final interview concluded the session before we all headed off to a slightly warmer location and enjoy a hot chocolate while discussing the preceding activity and hearing their thoughts on how they felt it went.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Max and James for travelling down to join us for the dip, and also to wish him every success in his upcoming ventures, we will be sure to follow and keep an eye out for the episode.

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