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FREE Cold Water Therapy Workshop in the River Crouch

In conjunction with Active Essex and with the cooperation of the River Crouch Harbour Master, Blue Therapy Active are pleased to be bringing you an opportunity to experience cold water therapy.

If you’ve ever wanted to try this out for yourself to see what and why so many others have taken to the water to feel the amazing benefits that come from dipping, then now is your chance.

Commencing in March and every week thereafter until May we will be conducting an introductory guided workshop to show you all the safe practices and protocols around cold water therapy.

We will take you through everything from pre dip to post dip and any and all kit and clothing you may want or need to safely go about this exciting and exhilarating pastime.

Always present will be a safety person on shore and in the water with you. Trained in water rescue technique, first aid and MHFA qualified, we want you to feel safe and in good capable hands.

There are Dryrobes, SwimSecure thermal lined hats and tow floats for you to utilise for your session with us. And we have pop up changing pods and a gazebo to shelter from the wind and provide some privacy.

In the water is our large and very visible SwimSecure buoy to let the other water users know we are there, your safety is paramount and we want you to enjoy the experience.

Having completed a very successful workshop in Thorpe Bay and now an ongoing dipping group, we hope you get to meet many new like minded friends improving their well-being every time they meet up for a dip.

Swimwear is recommended or a swim wetsuit or similar, the choice is yours. Bring lots of warm layers of clothing for afterwards and a warm drink as we recommend not heading off for at least 30/40 minutes post immersion.

As with any activity if you have any concerns as wether to take part we always suggest speaking to your doctor prior to attending.

Meet point is easy just look out for our Blue Therapy Active huge vehicle and flag that will be flying proudly. With public toilets, car parking and the amazing Anchor Pub right by the river what more could we ask for.

To grab your FREE ticket to any or all of the sessions, head to our activities page and look for a date or dates that works for you and click away.

We look forward to seeing and meeting you on the day and should you have any further questions please drop us a message and we will be all too happy to help.

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