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November Charity Support Walk

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

This November our very own Blue Therapy Walk Leader Sarah-Jane Coombes has opted to complete a 500,000 steps walk challenge for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

A charity very close to her own heart as back in 2010 she practically moved into the hospital while her then 6 year old son was being treated for the very rare Kawasaki Disease.

A disease that almost cost him his life and was for Sarah a very traumatic event. Thanks to the expert care provided by the staff at Great Ormond Street, Sarah is eternally grateful.

Every day throughout November Sarah will be out walking the shoreline, be that along the promenade, the beach or the strand line, taking in the beauty that our coast here has to offer.

A chance to grab some fresh air, reset herself and catch up with friends and family that opt to join her on those daily walks. Sarah will also be sharing her vast local knowledge along the way.

If you would like to join Sarah at any point in November day or night for a walk, offer some company and banter, stretch your legs, get your steps in, she will be glad of the company.

To find out what time and where to meet her for the daily walks, they will be posted on the Facebook Blue Therapy Footsteps group every day throughout the month.

There are other ways that you can show your support for Sarah. Head over to the Facebook page and click on the link to sponsor her, and more importantly the hospital.

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