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On The Air with The BBC

Being woke to the sound of my phone and a text notification coupled with the realisation that I had forgot to put my phone on silent the night before left me feeling quite grrrr.

I really didn’t want to be awake yet and so glancing over to my phone screen to see a number I didn’t recognise along with thoughts that it’s probably just PPI or something similar.

Suddenly my heart started to race as I began to read and process that the gentleman contacting me was a journalist for the BBC and they would like to interview me live on air.

I rushed downstairs to show my partner while struggling to contain my excitement and ended up babbling out what I’m sure was incomprehensible to him.

A strong coffee later and my nerves somewhat calmed, caffeine is my best friend in the mornings and allowed me to explain to Del what I had just received.

I wasn’t sure what to reply with to Tim and after several deleted attempts opted to just call him instead. Perhaps I would get his voicemail and allow myself more time to prepare what I was going to say.

Tim answered within a couple of rings and greeted me by name, this completely caught me off guard, he was clearly more prepared than I was.

Luckily for me Tim wasn’t to be conducting the interview and nor was it to be live there and then. I was to have a couple of days to prepare which brought about a huge sigh of relief.

I think in total I was only on air a matter of a few minutes, five to be precise though truth be told it felt like a lifetime. Kath concluded with committing herself live on air to a lesson and before I knew, it was all over.

You would think with every time I do something like this it would become a little easier. I have such admiration for presenters like Kath and wonder if they still experience the same emotions I just have.

I am really looking forward to meeting Kath in person and showing her how to paddle board. She comes across as a fun person and definitely someone up for a challenge.

What the paddlers are doing for Crossing with a Cure along with all involved is truly awe inspiring and for such a great cause. Having a family member living with Cystic Fibrosis makes it all the more closer to my heart!

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