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Social Paddles

Woohoo as our socials return commencing in March with mini socials under the rule of six, April will see the numbers rise but limited to 30 and from June onwards will be the return of larger numbers.

With dates already on the website and the events on our Facebook Community page available for people to show their interest or click attending, we are so looking forward to sharing some water time with you.

As boards are scarce due to a number of factors, if you don’t want to miss out on one of our outings, board hire will be available with the usual stipulations around rental in place. But book quick with previous years they go fast.

Socials are for anyone to attend and irrespective of what you chose to paddle on or in, so long as you have some experience with your craft of choice, you are welcome to join us for the event.

Planning behind these outings involves quite a bit of work on our part, including weather, tides and winds, and ensuring we have a suitable number of crew available to provide help, support and advice while out.

They are a great way to meet new friends and even try out others craft for those that are maybe in the market for their first purchase or looking to upgrade. Our new try before you buy dates are coming soon.

Check back regularly for other socials coming soon, we have some great locations in the making, just organising

all the logistics now. Some will be VIP paddles for members only, some open to members first before everyone else.

Join the website to be notified of any upcoming socials, events and Paddle Breaks, or if you would like to become a full member drop us a little message.

See you on the water soon 😉🤙

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