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Running a paddle boarding club requires a lot of behind the scenes support, and that support for us is invaluable. So when we learned from the WO team of someone else willing to support us, we got rather excited.

The team over at Wetsuit Outlet provide us with so much support in terms of kit, marketing and much more. So when they informed us that dryrobe were sending a gift for the club, we were more than a little overwhelmed.

The doorbell rang with a courier requiring a signature for a rather large package. Following a swift exchange of thanks we headed to the dining table and set the package down.

We both stood there staring at it for a while and at each other. You open it, no you go ahead and open it, was the exchange between us momentarily before diving in to rip the packaging open, it felt like Christmas.

We discovered the Wetsuit Outlet Team along with those at dryrobe had sent us two full length dryrobes. With a stunning beautiful blue lining, after all our name reflects their choice, we were both astounded.

This was an amazing gesture and one that will prove so beneficial to our club. Providing not only those that come to learn with us, but also for our club members access and usage of these is fantastic.

Following time on the water and the inevitable unplanned dip, or cold day, donning a dryrobe to keep warm and at the same time providing privacy and warmth as you change is golden.

If you have never owned a dryrobe then let us explain. They are oversized to allow you the ability and room to change comfortably within, super warm, look amazing and without any doubt provide you with protection from the elements.

With a great range of colours to suit everyone, we have a grey and a pink, and now of course two blue. They come in a what I would say is a 3/4 length and full length.

Ask anyone who has used our club dryrobes since we kindly received them, or better still ask anyone who like us appreciate the quality and benefits it brings with owning one.

Many of our club members and clients, since using the dryrobe, have since gone on to invest in one for themselves, ourselves included.

No matter your sport, we have found it perfect after a run, long cycle and even after exiting our hot tub, especially on a crisp winter day.

We would whole heartedly recommend that if you don't want to take our word for it, then head over to the Wetsuit Outlet and try one on for yourself, you really won't be disappointed.

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