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SESA Swim Event Safety Award

Sunday the 8th of May began with a road trip to Stanborough Park Watersports Centre for a day of training for our SESA Swim event Safety Award. What an amazing facility as 20 of us including Blue Therapy Active co-owners Sarah & Del along with trainee instructor Suzi Andre were to discover.

Hosted by Martin Suzan and David Redington the course format was incredible covering a wide variety of skills in and on the water coupled with theory sessions in the classroom. The course was fun and brilliantly delivered from start to finish, we were all in awe of the centre and what it has to offer.

The SESA award is to provide paddlers with the necessary skillset to provide safety cover at triathlon events, swim events and for open water swimmers. During the course of the day we were taught positioning, recognition of swimmers in difficulty, rescue skills and a lot more. A very thorough and professionally delivered syllabus designed to equip us to deal with any eventuality on the water.

The knowledge we garnered was to provide us to be a pro-active part of any event water safety team, and would offer us the opportunity to to feel what it's like to be an open water swimmer. This was to prove invaluable for us to see things from both angles, above the water in our chosen craft and in the water from a swimmers perspective.

The day concluded with some more theory and congratulations from both Martin and David on successfully completing and passing the course. We would highly recommend anyone to take the course if you work with or alongside any open water swimmers or have any local events taking place in your locale.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to both Martin & David for their expert presentation and and teaching skills and to all at Stanborough for their hospitality and making our day a pleasurable and memorable one, we will definitely be back and loom forward to seeing you again soon.

If you are an open water swimmer looking for safety cover on a 1-1 basis or a local swim club based in and around Southend looking for some safety cover for your weekly swims, please get in touch to see how we can help with your training. Send either Sarah or Del a message through the website and we will give you a call to discuss.

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