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Your Paddling Journey

Updated: May 16, 2022

Venturing into the wonderful world of paddling can sometimes seem a little daunting and somewhat confusing.

We thought it would be good to share with you our thoughts and recommendations on the steps to take to make things a little easier.

Choosing the correct pathway to becoming a safe and competent paddler in your chosen craft enhances the experience and enjoyment.


Try a paddle boarding or kayaking session to see if you like it before committing any more of your time or money.

These sessions will teach you the absolute basics of paddling and all equipment is supplied for you for the lesson.

A lesson usually lasts anywhere between an hour and two hours, enough time to decide wether it’s for you or not.

Afterwards you can have a chat with the provider to see where to go from here and what other options there are going forward.

Start Award

Following on from the introduction we continue your paddling ability development with the addition of new skills.

The aim of the award is to provide paddlers with a solid foundation, enabling them to enjoy a safe and competent time on the water.

This award can be utilised as a refresher for those a little rusty from lack of time paddling as all previous skills are revisited.

Paddle Safer

This course is designed for anyone new to paddling, or relatively inexperienced to paddling, wanting to gain knowledge and raise their awareness of paddling safely in a sheltered water environment, in or on the craft that they paddle.

The course is based on the 'ethos of supporting the paddler and encouraging individuals to consider where they paddle, the equipment they use, as well as providing practical solutions if they get into difficulty.

Discover Award

Enhancing the skills you have already learnt and encompassing them as a refresher within the next set of skills to be discovered.

Here we discover together in more detail your preferred method of paddling and venture into more rescue based scenario.

Discussions, practice and methods are our objectives which we incorporate into games with aims to continue to help you improve.

FSRT (Foundation Safety Rescue Training)

This we feel is an essential skill to possess for any paddler who takes to the water. Having the ability to help yourself or others is a must.

The award will provide you with the knowledge and ability to rescue not only you but those from a myriad of differing craft.

Canoe, kayak, paddle board and swimmers are covered within the course along with various kit and methods of rescue.

Explore Award

Here we start to look at a paddlers decision making, planning and what considerations may be required when paddling.

As with all previous steps in the pathway your journey is about continued personal development and performance.

Revisiting existing skills interspersed with newly acquired one’s to fully encompass everything you have learnt so far.


No journey ever truly ends just pauses to reevaluate and decide what route to perhaps take next.

There are so many options available for you as a paddler to still take on your journey of self development.

Skills that can enhance your own knowledge and ability when on the water either by yourself or with others.

Perhaps your journey may lay within the realms of coaching and sharing your own experience.

Whatever you may decide our team are there to answer any questions you may have and help make those choices a little easier.

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